I don’t like letting a guy come in my mouth as most guys spunk taste really sour, and it is disgusting. Besides it is not very safe to give a guy a blow job that you don’t know very well. I don’t have an issue with giving a blow job as long as the guy is wearing a condom. If you were to ask the girls at London escorts what turns them off, they would all come up with their own idea, and that does not only apply to London escorts. One of the top escorts at the best London escorts service, says that she gets turned off by French kissing.

She used to go out with this guy who used to like to stick his tongue down her throat and push her against the wall as they kissed, and it really made her go off French kissing. On her London escorts profile, you can clearly see that she mentions that she is into all sorts of other kissing, but not French kissing if you know what I mean. Sara has worked for our London escorts service for about two years now, and she has this complete aversion to wearing nylon. Some girls really like to wear nylon as it is a cheap material which can look really great. However, our lovely Sara hates the way it feels against her skin, and unlike the other girls at London escorts, you are not very likely to catch her wearing a pair of nylon knickers.

The cost of her lingerie probably does not matter too much to Sara, she is after all one of our elite escorts at the agency. We often call her Silky Sara. Gina is a hot Italian girls who has recently joined our London escorts. She is rather outspoken, and I do wonder if it is a good thing. Her pet hate is to date men who are overweight, and when an overweight guy turns up for a massage, she says that all of that extra skin will cost him extra. The funny thing is that she gets away with it. Most of the time, you would not get away with that sort of thing at London escorts, but Gina certainly does. It is a little bit like they expect her to be bossy and I think that they get turned on by it. We all have different aversions or things that turn us off. If I asked the gentlemen I date at London escorts, they would probably tell me about their own personal aversions.

For instance, not all of the gents who hook up with London escorts enjoy dating skinny girls. Curvy girls are in in London now, and if you would like to enjoy a little bit of curvy company, why don’t you give me a call at London escorts. I am more than happy to meet up with you for some adult fun, and hopefully you and I will find some pleasures that we have in common. It can’t be that hard, but if you are naughty boy, I will have to tell you that you need to be good boy.…

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Should we wait to have sex until after marriage? Our sex practises are up and down at the moment. Some girls seem to be happy to have sex after five dates but others want to wait until after marriage. I am not sure which one is right. Most of the girls here at London escorts think that ladies who wait to have sex after marriage, are perhaps a bit too idealistic. Personally, I think that it might be a good idea. When I have time off from London escorts, I often visit with my family. My little sister is only 16 years old but she seems to sleep with almost anybody.

Why do women want to wait? I think that is the question that fascinates us girls here at London escorts the most. Of course, some of the ladies who do wait, are Christian ladies who believe that sex before marriage is the wrong thing to do. I can totally follow what they are doing, and I am glad that they are standing up for their believes. More of us should do that, but I am not sure that I believe in no sex before marriage. Most of my London escort colleagues are with me on that.

Personally I don’t think that I would marry a guy unless I had sex with him. How do you know that you like the same things in bed? The idea of marriage is really that you should spend a life time together and I can’t see how you can take a change with somebody you don’t know so well. Sex is an important part of getting to know each other, and I know that all of my colleagues at London escorts agree with me on this one. After all, we hear a lot about mismatched libidos from our London escort gents.

Other girls seem to worry about having sex and others may even want to hold something back. One girl told me recently that she used sex as the lure to get married. So far, it has not worked out for her as most guys want to have sex before marriage. I am not sure that it would be a good idea to do that. It is a little bit like being in a sweet shop and not getting hold of any of the goodies. Of course, we should not be too generous, but at the same time, I think that we should be sensible.

I have to say that London escorts gents talk about this a lot at the moment. It almost seems to be an in thing and you see it in the papers a lot. Getting on sexually or having matching pleasures as we like to call it at London escorts, is very important. If you don’t have a good sex life, you may see your marriage fall apart pretty quickly once you get together. I am sure that some girls who have never had sex before their wedding day are great in bed, but where do they get their experience from? Also, do they rely on their partner having all of the experience? It really makes you wonder what goes on their heads. Surely, one of the partners need to have some experience.…

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Most people think that the only benefit of sex is the pleasure, well, they are wrong. Having sex is good for adults. And doing it regularly (every day) is even better. Are you aware that making love can banish boredom and erase all form of worries? Let us take a deep look at the benefits of sex.

1. Sex for a healthier cardiovascular

Sex can help you lose weight and burn calories. Making love will make your heart stronger, healthier, and more efficient. It helps prevent strokes and heart attacks. Studies have shown that regular lovemaking can lessen a man’s risks of having heart concerns by approximately 50%.

2. Sex boosts your libido

If you are longing for a better sex life, then having regular sex makes sex better and enhances the libido. Especially for women, making love frequently, increases vaginal lubrication, elasticity, and blood flow. All this makes sex better and makes you crave for more.

3. Sex helps fight colds

No one can say that wheezing, sneezing, or that irritating drippy nose is sexy. However, getting bothered and hot can help you evade the sniffles. Regular sex boosts levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A. this antibody keeps the body safe from flu and cold.

4. It lowers risks of prostate cancer

A study has shown that men who make love often, lessens their chances of developing prostate cancer by approximately 22 percent.

5. Sex induces sleep

Similar to workouts, where you are bound to have a good sleep, sex boosts your sleep patterns. The increased heart rate experienced during coital enhances the post-sex relaxation. Apart from relaxation that leads to sleep, after men ejaculate, they become lethargic making them sleepier.

6. Sex for stronger pelvic muscles

Making love entails the utilization of various muscles; therefore, regular sex can help you develop healthy pelvic muscles. Moreover, sex involves a wide variety of muscles meaning it will contribute to strengthening muscles such as quads, the upper back, and the core. Having sex regularly, helps you have a stronger bowel and bladder function.

7. It builds intimacy and trust

Sex generates a hormone called oxytocin, the hormone responsible for love and happiness. When you feel like your relationship or confidence is falling out; sex will oust these doubts. Oxytocin nurtures trust and help the couple come closer together.

There are several benefits of sex. However, sexual intercourse basically, boosts your immunity, helps you crave for more, and builds trust. In a simple way, regular sex makes you a superhero!

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